Water can't get in. Humidity, heat and sweat get out.
Your hair keeps dry and styled. No other cap can do that. 

The Superpower Cap™ protects your blowout or styled hair in the steamy shower and bath. This popular luxury shower cap recently acquired extra powers to save the day (or at least your locks).  


benefits icon size xl large TurbellaOVERSIZED ~ Big hair? XL frizz? Jumbo hair hassles? You're covered. This extra large shower cap can contain waist-long tresses and major curls as well as braids and special occasion up-do's. 

icon adjustable shower caps and turbans TurbellaADJUSTABLE ~ A strong stretch strap encircles the entire cap through its own channel. Simply pull the strap for a custom fit that's never too tight (forehead dents) or too loose (failure). Bonus: Adjusts for an easy on/off.

icon antimicrobial mold mildew resistant shower caps and turbans TurbellaANTIMICROBIAL ~ Eco-friendly and ultra reusable, all Turbella products are mold and mildew resistant and machine washable. 


anti slip grip shower capANTI-SLIP BAND ~ An innovative grip around the inner band keeps the cap in place below the hairline. 

waterproof breathable 3-L shower cap Polartec NeoshellPREMIUM WATERPROOF BREATHABLE MEMBRANE ~  Without compromising comfort or a microgram of breathability, the new Superpower Cap has more structure, strength, and serious GLAM.  

seam taped bonding waterproof breathable 3-layer membrane shower capSEALED SEAMS ~ Hi-tech bonding is the new sewing. No leaky needle holes means watertight protection. 

Swarovski crystal rhinestone gemSWAROVSKI® CRYSTAL ~ Limited Edition. Bright and beautiful, like you. 

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Waterproof means nothing when the moisture vapor trapped underneath a shower cap makes hair damp, frizzy or flat. Or ruins a salon treatment. That's why we created the only shower gear that removes vapor from inside before it becomes hairstyle-wilting heat, humidity or perspiration. 

to stop frizzy hair in the shower don't wear plastic. Wear a waterproof breathable shower cap


PROTECTS ALL HAIR TYPES ~ Whether curly or straight, natural or not. Suitable for processed and color-treated hair, extensions and braids. Excellent for preserving a Brazilian blowout, keratin treatment, or extending a blowout another day. 

PERFECT ANYWHERE ~ Never curse a disposable hotel shower cap again! Tuck your Turbella in your bag for a rain hat or chic hair cover on the go. Or zip up its PVC-free travel case when you head to the gym, spa, weekend getaway, beach and your best life.

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