TURBELLA 2-IN-1: Waterproof Hair Towel Turban


The Turbella® 2-in-1 waterproof turban and hair towel combo replaces both a shower cap and towel - and is the best of both! Think of this two-layer hair turban as the Swiss army knife of everyday hair care. Put it on after showering to quickly dry washed hair without friction, frizz or hair damage. On days you don’t shampoo, wear it instead of a shower cap to keep your curly or straight hairstyle dry and perfect. This patent-pending shower gear works with very long hair, plus hair extensions and braids.

SWAROVSKI® CRYSTAL BUTTON ~ The Turbella 2-in-1 waterproof hair towel turban easily twists and secures in place with a stretch loop around the Swarovski® crystal button. It's designed to wear in two different styles.

ULTRA-ABSORBENT NANOFIBER TERRY LINING ~ This game-changing nanofiber absorbs 10x its weight in water in an astonishing three seconds without drips or heaviness. That's about 2-6x more effective than an ordinary microfiber hair towel and 18x better than a cotton hair towel. It's also the only hair-drying product that stays dry on the outside so you can get ready without a damp head. THE HACK ~ Quickly absorb water to air dry hair naturally or blow-dry faster with far less tangling, split ends or hair breakage. 

SILKY SHELL WITH 37.5® TECHNOLOGY ~ Powered by 37.5® Technology, this fabric is more waterproof, breathable and heat-releasing than top outerwear textiles like Gore-Tex®. Water can’t get in, but style-wilting humidity, sweat and heat get out. Proprietary wetsuit stitching and sealed seams add to the unrivaled protection. THE HACK ~ Your blowout or styled hair stays dry and beautiful another day. 

TSA-APPROVED TRAVEL CASE ~ You're going places. So we included a PVC-free case to bring your waterproof turban and hair towel to the gym, salon, hotel and beyond.


    Replace both a hair towel and shower cap

    Quickly dry hair after the shower

    Keep hair dry + styled in the shower

    Machine wash, enjoy for years

    Patent pending.

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