IN THE SHOWER: The Turbella 2-in-1 and Superpower Cap are powered by 37.5® Technology to exceed the waterproof/breathable and heat-releasing performance of the most expensive outerwear by Gore-Tex®, Patagonia H2No®, and The North Face® (Yes, really). That's so your hairstyle doesn't go flat or freaky in the hot humidity of the shower. 


AFTER THE SHOWER: The Turbella 2-in-1 and Enwrapture quickly yet gently dry hair without frizzing, tangling, or hair breakage. That's thanks to our next generation microfiber, known as nanofiber, which outperforms every imported microfiber hair towel and hair turban. 

The Swarovski® crystal button that secures Turbella hair towel turbans in place – well, that's to bring even more brilliance to your day.