Here's the rub: Towel-drying is bad for hair.

Why? Because the rubbing causes tangles, frizziness, split ends and breakage to delicate wet hair. Plus, balancing a towel tower on our head is a pain in the neck (for real) when getting ready.

That's why we created hair-drying shower gear with nanotechnology to rapidly dry hair without friction or breakage. Our next generation terry cloth absorbs up to 10x its weight in water in three seconds. That’s about 2-6x better than imported microfiber hair turbans (nearly all are made in China, even the expensive ones). And that's up to 18x more effective than cotton (which gets soggy, heavy, and retains mildew). Our super absorbent toweling is lightweight, rapid-drying, and antibacterial with the feel of silky velvet.

The Turbella hair-drying wrap and Turbella 2-in-1 easily twist into a secure custom fit and fasten with a Swarovski® crystal button – nice! In seconds, your hair is ready to air-dry naturally or blow-dry more quickly with less hair damage. That equals less time hassling with styling appliances that are bad for your hair. Which means better hair, beautiful showers and more time for you!