How to Wrap a Turbella Hair Turban

Simply COVER your hair, TWIST until taut, then LOOP the crystal.


THE CLASSIC is the most popular and is as familiar as wrapping your hair in a towel. The Swarovski® crystal fastens at the nape of the neck. 

terry lined waterproof satin shower cap and turban for wet with Swarovski button TURBELLA 2in1


THE HOODIE is the alternate wrapping style and excels when putting the Turbella on someone else, like a child or a salon client. No leaning forward needed. The Swarovski® crystal fastens at the top of the forehead. 

waterproof satin shower cap terry lined microfiber turban fancy crystal button TURBELLA 2-in-1


Tip for long hair: Collect dry hair in a ponytail or bun first and it's even faster (no stray locks to tuck in).