Shower caps made of stifling plastic on wimpy elastic don't work or last.

Heavy hair towels are a pain in the neck. 

Microfiber towels and turbans are made of the same stuff as cleaning cloths. 

For the daily shower to be free of hair hassles, you need gear that works. That's why Turbella developed the world’s most advanced waterproof hair towel turban, shower cap, and nanofiber hair-drying wrap. 


IN THE SHOWER: Turbella is the only shower gear powered by 37.5® Technology so your hairstyle doesn't get flat or freaky in the humidity of the shower. The Turbella collection meets and exceeds the waterproof/breathable and heat-releasing performance of the most expensive outerwear by Gore-Tex®, Patagonia H2No®, and The North Face® (See the science).


AFTER THE SHOWER: Our sublime next generation microfiber known as nanofiber is milled in the USA and outperforms all the imported microfiber hair towels or turbans to quickly dry hair without frizzing, tangling, or hair breakage.

All three products in the collection are machine washable and professionally made in California to last for years. The Swarovski® crystal button on the hair turbans – well, that's to bring even more brilliance to you everyday!

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