TURBELLA 2in1 Waterproof Towel Turban

Royal Blue
The Turbella® 2-in-1 replaces both a shower cap and microfiber hair towel - and is the best of both! Think of this two-layer terry lined shower turban as the Swiss army knife of everyday haircare, whether your hair is short or long, natural or not.
  • WHEN YOU SHAMPOO  Put it on after bathing to gently absorb water from wet tresses without rubbing, tangling or frizzing. Hacked: Naturally air-dry your hair faster or blow-dry in less time with less stress and damage to delicate hair cuticles.
  • WHEN YOU DON'T SHAMPOO  Wear it while showering to keep your curly or straight hairstyle dry and perfect. Hacked: The waterproof/breathable membrane wicks moisture to protect your hairstyle from becoming damp, flat or frizzy.


SILKY WATERPROOF/BREATHABLE SHELL ~ Powered by 37.5® Technology, this lightweight fabric is more breathable, heat-releasing and waterproof than premium performance textiles like Gore-Tex®. Water can’t get in, but style-wilting moisture vapor like humidity, perspiration and heat get out. Sealed wetsuit-like seams add extra protection.

ULTRA ABSORBENT TERRY LINING (royal blue) ~ This next generation microfiber is velvety soft and absorbs up to 10x its weight in water in seconds without drips or heaviness. That's up to 18x more effective than cotton or bamboo.


    NEVER SOGGY   The only hair-drying wrap that stays dry on the outside. Get ready in the morning, apply makeup and get dressed without a wet head.

    NO ELASTIC   Designed with an exclusive strategic stretch that comfortably hugs the hairline. (No uncomfortable latex elastic that shifts and snaps!)

    SWAROVSKI® BUTTON CLOSURE   Simply twist and secure the crystal button in the stretch loop. Wraps in two chic styles.

    ANTI-SLIP GRIP   A clear gripper tape on the inside band reduces movement.

    OVERSIZED   The large hood area can hold short to long lengths, plus extensions and braids.

    TRAVEL ESSENTIAL   Beyond reusable, it's multi-use. Pack it and be liberated from disposable hotel shower caps and bulky towels. Also stylish at the spa for the sauna and hot tub.

    EXCEPTIONAL HEADWEAR FOR CHEMOTHERAPY   Importantly, the Turbella 2in1 is powered by 37.5® technology to maintain an ideal body temperature (37.5℃ or 99.5℉) beneath the turban. It's cozy soft and frictionless against the head, even if experiencing thinning or hair loss. It breathes and doesn't become hot, itchy or clammy.

    PERFECT GIFT   For all ladies who deserve pampering. The Turbella 2in1 is also a "fancy" favorite with girls and teens. (Moms also love it because it's easy for kids to put on.) Comes ready for gift-giving in a pretty box.

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PROTECTS ALL HAIR TYPES ~ Whether curly or straight, natural or not. Suitable for processed and color-treated hair, extensions and braids. 

PERFECT ANYWHERE ~ Never curse a disposable hotel shower cap again. Tuck your Turbella in your travel or gym bag to save time rinsing off by keeping your hairstyle intact. Take chic cover at the salon, spa, poolside or beach (to play, not swim) or as a soft, breathable sleep bonnet. (Shhh…a Turbella also has secret powers as an outdoor rain hat. After all, we use the same fabrics and science athletes rely on in extreme weather.)


We stand behind our made in America craftswomanship – and our customers. Try a Turbella for 90 days. If this isn't your best shower cap or turban ever, simply contact us for a fuss-free refund.