TURBELLA Shower Cap Turban

Royal Blue
Water can't get in. Humidity, heat and sweat get out.
Your hair keeps dry and styled. Only Turbella can do that. 

Forget stifling plastic and skimpy elastic ~ plus the functional failures, funky feeling and forehead dents. Turbella's Superpower Shower Turban does everything differently, with style.

WATERPROOF BREATHABLE MEMBRANE ~ Exclusive technical fabric wicks away moisture vapor to keep hair dry from the inside out. Soft as satin, quiet as silk.

anti slip grip shower cap by TurbellaANTI-SLIP BAND ~ Innovative grip stays in place around the hairline. 

adjustable shower cap by TurbellaADJUSTABLE ~ The only adjustable shower turban. Durable stretch strap tightens or loosens for a perfect fit and easy on/off.

sealed seams tape bonding waterproof breathable shower cap by TurbellaSEALED SEAMS ~ Hi-tech bonding eliminates leaky needle holes.

mildew resistant shower cap by Turbella antimicrobialANTIMICROBIAL ~ Resists mold and mildew resistant. Machine washable.  

Swarovski crystal rhinestone on shower cap turbans by TurbellaSWAROVSKI® CRYSTAL ~ Bright and beautiful, like you. 

OVERSIZED TO FIT MOST HEAD SIZES + HAIR TYPES ( 9 1/2" tall x 19-25" wide) ~ Roomy gathered back area contains long or curly hair, plus extensions and braids. Excellent for short, fine or thinning hair that goes limp if wet.


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PROTECTS ALL HAIR TYPES ~ Whether curly or straight, natural or not. Suitable for processed and color-treated hair, extensions and braids. 

PERFECT ANYWHERE ~ Never curse a disposable hotel shower cap again. Tuck your Turbella in your travel or gym bag to save time rinsing off by keeping your hairstyle intact. Take chic cover at the salon, spa, poolside or beach (to play, not swim) or as a soft, breathable sleep bonnet. (Shhh…a Turbella also has secret powers as an outdoor rain hat. After all, we use the same fabrics and science athletes rely on in extreme weather.)


We stand behind our made in America craftswomanship – and our customers. Try a Turbella for 90 days. If this isn't your best shower cap or turban ever, simply contact us for a fuss-free refund.