Water can't get in. Humidity, heat and sweat get out.
Your hair keeps dry and styled. Only Turbella can do that. 

Forget stifling plastic and skimpy elastic ~ plus the functional failures, funky mildew and forehead dents. The Superpower Turban does everything differently, with style.

WATERPROOF BREATHABLE MEMBRANE ~ Advanced 3-layer fabric works to keep hair dry from the inside out. 

anti slip grip shower cap by TurbellaANTI-SLIP BAND ~ Innovative grip stays in place around the hairline. 

adjustable shower cap by TurbellaADJUSTABLE ~ Durable stretch strap tightens or loosens for a perfect fit and easy on/off.

sealed seams tape bonding waterproof breathable shower cap by TurbellaSEALED SEAMS ~ Hi-tech bonding eliminates leaky needle holes.

mildew resistant shower cap by Turbella antimicrobialANTIMICROBIAL ~ Mold and mildew resistant. Machine washable.  

Swarovski crystal rhinestone on shower cap turbans by TurbellaSWAROVSKI® CRYSTAL ~ Bright and beautiful, like you. 



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Waterproof means nothing when the moisture vapor trapped underneath a shower cap makes hair damp, frizzy or flat. Or ruins a salon treatment. That's why we created the only shower gear that removes vapor from inside before it becomes hairstyle-wilting heat, humidity or perspiration. 

to stop frizzy hair in the shower don't wear plastic. Wear a waterproof breathable shower cap


PROTECTS ALL HAIR TYPES ~ Whether curly or straight, natural or not. Suitable for processed and color-treated hair, extensions and braids. Excellent for preserving a Brazilian blowout, keratin treatment, or extending a blowout another day. 

PERFECT ANYWHERE ~ Never curse a disposable hotel shower cap again! Tuck your Turbella in your bag for a rain hat or chic hair cover on the go. Or zip up its PVC-free travel case when you head to the gym, spa, weekend getaway, beach and your best life.

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