Shower Cap Turban royal blue

Water can't get in. Humidity, heat and sweat get out.
Your hair keeps dry and styled. Only Turbella can do that. 

Forget stifling plastic and skimpy elastic ~ plus the functional failures, funky mildew and forehead dents. This chic shower cap turban does everything differently, with style.

WATERPROOF BREATHABLE MEMBRANE ~ Advanced 3-layer fabric works to keep hair dry from the inside out. 

anti slip grip shower cap by TurbellaANTI-SLIP BAND ~ Innovative grip stays in place around the hairline. 

adjustable shower cap by TurbellaADJUSTABLE ~ Durable stretch strap tightens or loosens for a perfect fit and easy on/off.

sealed seams tape bonding waterproof breathable shower cap by TurbellaSEALED SEAMS ~ Hi-tech bonding eliminates leaky needle holes.

mildew resistant shower cap by Turbella antimicrobialANTIMICROBIAL ~ Mold and mildew resistant. Machine washable.  

Swarovski crystal rhinestone on shower cap turbans by TurbellaSWAROVSKI® CRYSTAL ~ Bright and beautiful, like you. 



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