A plastic shower cap means nothing to styled hair. 

Because it's the heat, sweat and humidity trapped inside that ruin a hairstyle.

That's why we created the only shower cap and turban style shower cap to totally protect your hairstyle from the inside out. A Turbella is light, quiet and feels like a silk scarf. But don't be fooled by the designer style and premium details like Swarovski® crystals.

Turbella shower gear is powered by 37.5® Technology to be more waterproof, breathable, and heat-releasing than the most expensive gear by Gore-Tex®, The North Face®, or Patagonia H2No®. (Yes, really.) 

The result is your hair stays dry to extend your blowout or hairstyle another day. Which means less time hassling with styling appliances that damage hair. That equals better hair, beautiful showers and more time for you.

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