There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness. — Mahatma Gandhi

Only 3% of the apparel sold by American companies is made in the USA. Not because it's not possible. It's a choice. It's also a women's issue. Of the 40 million garment workers worldwide, more than 85% are women. The vast majority are trapped in poverty earning less than $3 a day, often with limited access to their children. Western brands keep profiting while these garment workers pay the real price. (The True Cost is an exceptional documentary on Netflix revealing the hidden world of what we wear.)

Manufacturing overseas to maximize profits isn't our thing. "Cheap labor" comes at the price of what we value. As a company created by a woman, for women, Turbella products aren't made on the backs of other, more vulnerable women.

All Turbella shower gear is made in California by craftspeople, mostly women, earning a living wage in safe and environmentally responsible conditions.

It's not just what we're told, because that's not enough when it comes to people. It's what we see firsthand.

Our factory is a quick trip from our Los Angeles office and we visit regularly. It's a cheerful place dedicated to quality.

We have relationships with the people who make Turbella products. And wouldn't have it any other way.